New Abstract: Utilizing MyoStrain to Detect Cardiotoxic Effects of Carfilzomib

By Myocardial Solutions


October 11, 2019

Morrisville, N.C., October 11, 2019 – A newly submitted clinical abstract utilizes MyoStrain® to detect the cardiotoxic effects of Carfilzomib, a cancer therapy drug used in treating patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

Conducted at Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany as part of an ongoing study, the abstract examines a set group of relapsed multiple myeloma patients taking Carfilzomib. The study objective intends to describe the cardiotoxic impact of Carfilzomib as well as explore how physicians may be able to use MyoStrain to monitor patients undergoing similar chemotherapy treatments.

Regarding MyoStrain, co-author and Heidelberg’s senior cardiologist Johannes Riffel, MD comments: “This study could mark a major turning point in cardio-oncology. Carfilzomib is a popular cancer treatment, and with MyoStrain, we may be able to monitor the drug’s subclinical impact on patient heart function. With this, MyoStrain’s sensitivity opens an avenue for physicians to individualize treatment plans and monitor cardio-protection strategies long-term.”

The abstract was submitted to the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK) by senior author Lorenz H. Lehmann, MD of Heidelberg University Hospital.

Link to the abstract is provided below:

Title: Carfilzomib for Relapsed Multiple Myeloma Patients: Detection of Cardiotoxicity using Cardiac MRI

Citation: Nooman, N.A. et al. Carfilzomib for Relapsed Multiple Myeloma Patients: Detection of Cardiotoxicity using Cardiac MRI. 2019.

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