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Rapid, accurate cardiac magnetic resonance diagnostics for preventative care and treatment management

Our Vision

A world where clinical care is data-driven, proactive, preventative, and individualized.

MyoStrain Serves Three Unmet Diagnostic Needs

10 Minute Exam, 6 Heartbeat Scan, 37 Region Analysis,
1 Quantitative Diagnostic Report

Heart Failure Detection - MyoStrain

Early detection allows for proactive intervention to potentially improve outcomes

Measuring the effects of therapies and medications over time provides feedback for better decisions.

Quantified cardiac stress test reports help to identify potential areas of ischemia (poor blood flow) empowering physicians to take action.

The Impact of Intelligent Diagnostics for Cardiac Imaging

Early Detection

MyoStrain drives early intervention and potentially better outcomes.

Heart Health Metrics

A quantified, standardized assessment of heart function with treatment scale to segment patients into healthy, at-risk, and varying degrees of heart failure.

Cardiac Monitoring

MyoStrain measures the effects of treatment on heart function over time.

Clinical Efficiency

MyoStrain’s speed, ease, and accuracy provide clinical efficiency. 

Personalized Care

Cardiac diagnostics with the ability to monitor drug effects on heart function allow physicians to personalize treatment.

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Enabling proactive interventions

Heart Failure Detection

Empowering physicians with a proactive approach to cardiac care

Improving cardiac patient management

Heart Failure Monitoring

MyoStrain creates a feedback loop for better decisions by measuring global and regional cardiac strain metrics in less than 10 minutes.

Informed treatment decisions for coronary artery disease

Cardiac Stress Testing

With diagnostic accuracy and efficiency, MyoStrain may improve decision making to reduce unnecessary procedures, thereby improving the patient experience and saving the healthcare system expense.

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We work with Medical Research Centers, MRI Manufacturers, Outpatient Imaging Centers and Physicians

Myocardial Solutions' technology has been used globally in over 70 major medical research centers and is established as the gold standard for strain measurement. The research has yielded over 250 articles in peer-reviewed journals (50 articles from Circulation and JACC alone) that validate CMR strain testing. MyoStrain’s predecessor software (HARP & VIRTUE) have 510(k) clearance and CE Mark certification.
MyoStrain has CE mark certification, and Myocardial Solutions is actively pursuing FDA 510(k) clearance for MyoStrain.

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