Chronic Diseases

Preventative Care

It is estimated that nearly half of Americans will have some form of cardiovascular disease by 2035.³ Without the ability to test for the effects of chronic diseases early and initiate cardiac preventative treatment, the progression of dysfunction goes unnoticed until cardiac symptoms occur.

MyoStrain® helps physicians identify patients at risk of heart failure before adverse symptoms occur by providing visibility into the early progression of myocardial dysfunction across 13 chronic disease states.⁴ Physicians may initiate a proactive management approach to address at-risk patients early and prevent heart failure.

Preventative Care

56% of heart failure patients go undiagnosed until after being hospitalized for an adverse event. In order to prevent heart failure, especially in those with a history of chronic disease and/or risk factors, physicians must be able to identify and address at-risk patients at the earliest point of care.

MyoStrain provides a rapid, accurate and non-invasive heart function assessment to help physicians detect early dysfunction and start early treatment. Through this enhanced primary care approach, physicians are better equipped to manage patient heart health at an earlier stage and monitor the individual effects of treatment on their patients.

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