Stress Testing

Ischemia Detection

As much as 40% of catheterizations performed are false-positive and 15% are false-negative.² To help reduce the number of unnecessary and suboptimal procedures made on false-positive and false-negative CAD patients, MyoStrain performs a rapid and quantitative assessment of heart function. 

In a 15-minute stress test, MyoStress™ helps physicians identify ischemic areas of the heart to rule-out healthy patients while ruling-in at-risk patients to determine a treatment plan best suited to the patient’s condition.

Ischemia Detection

In the ER today, many of the common cardiac diagnostic tools used provide little explanation for chest pain, and physicians must run several cardiac tests while working under extensive time requirements in order to find the cause of the patient’s discomfort. These challenges put strain on the ER system, potentially leading to capacity constraints, unnecessary procedures and suboptimal care.

MyoStrain’s rapid, accurate and non-invasive hyperventilation stress test MyoStress™ is designed to help improve detection, enhance workflow efficiency and optimize care in the ER. Clinicians may potentially use MyoStress™ to quantitatively detect ischemia in high-risk chest pain patients while identifying heart dysfunction in lower to at-risk patients and directing them towards the most appropriate care decision. Through this approach, MyoStrain and MyoStress may help to improve outcomes in the ER, enabling clinicians to effectively triage their patients based on individual cardiac risk and reduce the number of unnecessary procedures performed.

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