MyoStrain is Transforming the Cardiac & Cancer Care Continuum

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MyoStrain is transforming the way physicians manage and monitor patient heart health, providing a proactive, patient-centric solution to help physicians improve outcomes and prevent heart failure.

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Using Segmental Strain to Overcome Diagnostic Limitations

Today's diagnostics often cannot detect heart dysfunction until symptoms occur. MyoStrain utilizes segmental strain to measure 48 segments of the heart and provides physicians with a unique diagnostic tool to help identify regional dysfunction before the heart as a whole is affected.

segmental myocardial strain visualized on 3d myostrain heart model
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More About Segmental Strain

What Does Segmental Strain Do Differently?

MyoStrain uses segmental strain to help physicians detect regional heart dysfunction early and before global heart function is impacted.¹ Measured across 48 segments of the heart, MyoStrain helps physicians determine weaker areas of the heart where abnormal contraction is occurring.

Measuring Heart Contraction: Segmental vs. Global

As shown below, using segmental strain allows physicians to differentiate and measure weak, or abnormal, heart segments. Conversely, because global strain measures the heart as a whole, healthy segments often overcompensate for abnormal segments, making the heart appear healthy.

segmental myocardial strain vs global myocardial strain diagram
1. Montenbruck M, et al. CMR fast-SENC segmental intramyocardial LV strain detects heart disease progression based on ACC/AHA Heart Failure stage before global longitudinal strain or ejection fraction. ESC Congress 2019. P600.
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Uniquely MyoStrain

MyoStrain Testing May Change Cardiac Patient Management

MyoStrain is a rapid MRI-based heart function test that quantifies the effects of disease, drugs, and ischemia across 48 heart segments in under 10 minutes.

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Rapid & Safe

Patients undergo a six-heartbeat MRI scan without the need for radiation, contrast, or breath-hold

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Directly measures the percentage of normally contracting myocardium across 48 segments

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Provides high reproducibility across sites, operators and MR vendors

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Creates a personalized patient report, helping physicians make individualized treatment decisions

Uniquely MyoStrain

Results Simplified Into One MyoHealth Score

From the MyoStrain report, physicians are given a MyoHealth Score, a single metric that helps indicate the percentage of normally functioning heart segments.

simplified myohealth score acquired from myostrain patient report
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Monitoring & Managing Patient Heart Health Over Time

Example of monitoring cardio-protective therapy during chemotherapy

myohealth patient progress on mobile phone app
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MyoStrain has Multiple Clinical Applications Across Large Unmet Markets

nurse shares myostrain results with cancer patient
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Protecting the Heart During Cancer Therapy

For cancer patients who may be at a higher risk of developing heart failure, the MyoHealth score provides solutions to help cardio-oncologists manage cardio-protection over time without interfering with cancer treatment.

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Improving Chest Pain Triage & Workflow in the ER

Over 10 million Americans visit the ER with unexplained chest pain symptoms every year.¹ In 10-15 minutes, the MyoHealth score may help physicians to quickly risk stratify patients and refer patients towards optimal treatment pathways.

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Detecting Cardiac Effects of Chronic Diseases Early to Prevent Heart Failure

Nearly half of Americans will have some form of cardiovascular disease by 2035.² MyoStrain helps physicians to quantify the effects of heart diseases on patient heart function, enabling preventative care pathways for patients at risk of heart failure.

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Managing Acute Heart Failure Treatment for Improved Quality of Life

Over half of acute heart failure patients are re-hospitalized within six months.³ MyoHealth scores help physicians monitor and manage the effects of treatment to reduce hospitalizations and improve quality of life.

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3. Lesyuk W, et al. BMC Cardio D 2018.
4. Savarese G, et al. Card Fail Rev 2017. doi:10.15420/cfr.2016:25:2

At the Heart of Life Science Innovation

Myocardial Solutions is pursuing the next standard of care in cardiology. Through MyoStrain, our focus is to transform cardiac care to heart failure prevention and standardized patient management.