Novel Software Informatics to Transform Cardiac Care

MyoStrain® is a new rapid and accurate MRI-enhanced cardiac software providing novel clinical information to help physicians proactively detect and manage early cardiac dysfunction across large at-risk and asymptomatic patient populations

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MyoStrain Drives Informed Clinical Decisions to Help Optimize Patient Outcomes

MyoStrain is a first-of-its-kind proprietary 10-minute, quantitative heart health assessment that provides physicians with visibility into the subtle changes of myocardial function. Utilizing segmental intra-myocardial strain, MyoStrain helps physicians rapidly predict, detect and manage the early progression of heart dysfunction before symptoms occur to proactively prevent adverse events.

Our Mission is to Standardize Cardiac Patient Population Management

At Myocardial Solutions, we are working to standardize preventative heart care for large and unmet cardiac populations. Standardization enhances clinical efficiencies, reduces healthcare costs, offers new services, and improves reimbursement through better care. Through this approach, MyoStrain may help to create a higher standard of cardiac care built on individualized patient management and improved healthcare savings.