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The Cardiology Summit Forum Presents MyoStrain®, a New Diagnostic Technology Able to Detect Cardiac Dysfunction Invisible to Conventional Tests

November 29, 2021
Company News

MORRISVILLE, N.C., November 29, 2021 – Last Thursday, Myocardial Solutions' proprietary technology, MyoStrain, was presented at the Cardiology Summit Forum in Madrid. The following is a translated press release, originally from iSanidad, a publication for healthcare professionals. View the original Spanish press release here.

MADRID, 26 NOV, 2021 – The Cardiology Summit Forum has presented MyoStrain, from the company Myocardial Solutions, a technological solution that is revolutionizing diagnostic imaging in the field of Cardiology by improving the quality of the images obtained, the analysis of the results and the duration times of tests in the detection of previously invisible cardiac dysfunctions. The innovation of this technology lies in the fact that, until now, progressive heart diseases, which are asymptomatic, go unnoticed in conventional diagnostic imaging tests. However, MyoStrain technology can detect dysfunctions early, allowing action to be taken while the disease is still reversible.  

The Cardiology Summit Forum had the participation of the head of the Cardiology Service of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital in Madrid and vice president of the European Society of Cardiology, Dr. José Luis Zamorano; Amedeo Chiribiri, who is a professor of cardiovascular imaging at the British King's College, London; the medical director of Magnetic Resonance and CT of the Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario in the capital, Dr. Eliseo Vañó; and the medical director of Myocardial Solutions, Dr. Rafael Rivero.

“This is a momentous advance because it gives us more information than we had before, which enables us to act much earlier and save more lives. Thus, it not only detects dysfunction, but it also quantifies the efficacy of therapies to optimize individual care,” commented Dr. Rafael Rivero, medical director of Myocardial Solutions. As noted, this new software improves time, simplicity and overall patient experience. "MyoStrain is performed using a twelve-beat scan of the heart without contrast, and the time on the MRI is less than ten minutes." This allows many more patients to be seen and avoids unnecessary waiting.

Galván, medical director of magnetic resonance imaging and CT at the Nuestra Señora del Rosario hospital in Madrid, and one of the speakers at the Summit, was one of the first Spanish doctors who has been able to test the innovative technology and observe its results. "We are facing one of the greatest medical advances in recent times in cardiac patient care," he assured.

As explained, MyoStrain allows doctors to diagnose cardiac dysfunction early, as well as to know the location and extent of the dysfunction before the patient presents symptoms or cardiac damage. "This visibility of early cardiac dysfunction offers the opportunity, for the first time, for clinicians to actively initiate preventive and proactive care approaches because dysfunction is largely reversible,” Galván said.

MyoStrain will be essential in the new Heart Prevention Center that Dr. Vañó has launched together with other prestigious specialists at the Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario. The center will feature the most advanced MyoStrain technology for the detection of cardiac dysfunction caused by chronic diseases and chemotherapy. This software will help clinicians manage treatment by conducting follow-up tests to monitor the effects of treatment effectiveness on the heart. "This technology can provide a better analysis of ventricular mechanics," stressed Dr. José Luis Zamorano, head of the cardiology service at Hospital Ramón y Cajal and former vice president of the European Society of Cardiology, who has chaired and directed the Forum Cardiology Summit. In his opinion, the great advance would be in "the subclinical detection of certain diseases very early," because "we could establish a treatment" and "improve the prognosis of patients."

"This technology can provide a better analysis of ventricular mechanics." said Dr. José Luis Zamorano. MyoStrain technology solves one of the great problems in world cardiology because progressive heart diseases are asymptomatic since the strongest areas of the heart compensate for the weakest segments. This peculiarity of the heart makes traditional tests unable to detect symptoms and dysfunctions. However, the MyoStrain technology manages to analyze and identify the weakest areas of the heart and provides a heart health assessment score. To do this, divide the number of healthy segments by the total of segments.

The MyoHealth score allows the test to stratify patients' risk for referral to the right doctor in minutes. “What is unique about the MyoHealth score is that your score should not decrease throughout life unless it is affected by lifestyle or illness. Knowing your baseline score is essential for measuring heart evaluation after follow-up MyoStrain scans,” concluded Dr. Nael Osman, founder of Myocardial Solutions and professor of radiology at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in the United States.

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