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Sixteen MyoStrain Abstracts, Posters & Podium Presentations Presented at SCMR 2020

February 18, 2020
Company News

MORRISVILLE, N.C., February 18, 2020 – Myocardial Solutions (MSI) enabled 16 new abstracts and five podium presentations showcasing the latest in MyoStrain® insights to the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance’s (SCMR) 23rd Annual Scientific Sessions.

The conference was hosted in Orlando, Florida on February 12-15. The presentations discussed several clinical applications of MyoStrain, such as in the detection of pathological intra-myocardial dysfunction across cardiac disease states as well as in monitoring and managing various cardio-protective treatments for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Some MyoStrain posters featured the utilization of hyperventilation as stressor agent to improve workflow and efficiency for chest pain triaging in the hospital ER. Others explored how MyoStrain’s speed, sensitivity, and user simplicity may enable physicians to adopt a more proactive approach to addressing cardiac patients, allowing specialists across cardiac disciplines to quantify the progression of dysfunction early in order to initiate early treatment and prevent adverse events.

On Thursday, February 14, the first day of the multi-day conference, Myocardial Solutions also held a sponsored lunch symposium. There, doctors Henning Steen, MD, PhD (MEDNEO), Janek Salatzki, MD (Heidelberg), and Daniel Lenihan, MD (Washington University School of Medicine) shed new insight into using MyoStrain to detect early intra-myocardial dysfunction, MyoStrain’s impact on cardio-oncology, and the detection of ischemic cardiac disease utilizing MyoStrain Stress. Moderated by MSI’s Chief Medical Officer Rafael Rivero, the symposium was a massive success, hosting more than 250 attendees over the course of the event.

During his presentation, Dr. Henning Steen had this to say about MyoStrain: “[MyoStrain] could be a paradigm shift in imaging for MRI, so that we have the tools to risk stratify asymptomatic patients and also the progression of [dysfunction] measurements.”

Based on the presented outcomes, MyoStrain was well-received among key physician opinion leaders attending the event. The presented abstracts showed MyoStrain’s unique clinical capabilities that could become integral to the transformation and advancement of cardiology. Overall, SCMR exemplified MyoStrain’s progress towards becoming the gold standard for quantifying heart health and driving significant cost savings for providers.

To view the presented MyoStrain abstracts and presentations, see the list below:

Lunch Symposium Sponsored by Myocardial Solutions

1. MyoStrain Detects Early Subclinical Pathological Intramyocardial Dysfunction ahead of Current Imaging Modalities (Hamburg Registry)

Presenter: Henning Steen, MD, PhD – MEDNEO

2. MyoStrain Clinical Application in Ischemic Cardiac Disease

Presenter: Janek Salatzki, MD – University Hospital Heidelberg

3. MyoStrain in Cardio Oncology. Detection of Cardio Toxicity and Monitoring of Cardio Protection

Presenter: Daniel Lenihan, MD – Washington University in St. Louis

Abstracts & Poster Presentations

1. Acheampong B, et al. Repaired tetralogy of fallot patients with normal left ventricular function have abnormal strain on strain encoded magnetic resonance imaging. SCMR 2020.

2. Atia N, et al.Myocardial strain analysis with CMR as an early marker of Carfilzomib induced cardiotoxicity in patients with multiple myeloma.  SCMR 2020.

3. Bucius P, et al. Comparison of two-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography with CMR feature tracking, tagging, and fast-SENC for assessment of global left ventricular strain.  SCMR 2020.

4. Goes J, et al. New insights for SENC and QSM-CMR techniques against quantitative reference values from a comprehensive multimodal tissue engineered assessment protocol. SCMR 2020.

5. Houbois CP, et al.Serial CMR myocardial tagging and association with cardiotoxicity in women with HER2+ breast cancer receiving treatment. SCMR 2020.

6. Lattanzio D, et al. Evidence of Sub-Clinical Right Ventricular Dysfunction in Obesity. SCMR 2020.

7. Steen H, et al. Impact of late gadolinium enhancement observations and septal wall thickness on CMR Fast-SENC segmental intramyocardial strain. SCMR 2020.

8. Steen H, et al. Circumferential CMR fast-SENC segmental strain predicts risk of cardiotoxicity during oncology treatment better than longitudinal strain (NCT03543228). SCMR 2020.

9. Steen H, et al. CMR fast-SENC segmental right ventricular strain detects risk of cardiotoxicity during oncology treatment (NCT03543228). SCMR 2020.

10. Backhaus SJ, et al.  Head-to-head comparison of cardiovascular magnetic resonance feature tracking cine vs acquisition-based deformation strain imaging using myocardial tagging and strain encoding.  SCMR 2020.

11. Toro-Salazar O, et al. Role of Cardiorespiratory Fitness to Modulate Cardiotoxicity in Long Term Cancer Survivors Exposed to Anthracycline Therapy. SCMR 2020.

12. Soslow J, et al. Comparison of strain-encoding cardiovascular magnetic resonance and feature-tracking cardiac magnetic resonance assessment of left ventricular function. SCMR 2020

Podium Presentations

13. Trautmann F, et al.  Mobile CMR for advanced left ventricular function assessment within a 12 minutes protocol.  SCMR 2020.

14. George-Durrett K, et al.  Comparison of left ventricular ejection fraction calculated from strain encoded imaging and balanced steady-state free precession imaging in pediatric and adult congenital patients. SCMR 2020.

15. Siry D, et al. fSENC – a novel approach to analyzing myocardial deformation in patients with acute chest pain. SCMR 2020.

16. Kelle S, et al.  New approaches for rural areas – cost-effective mobile CMR.  SCMR 2020.

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