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New Study Demonstrates MyoStrain® Ability to Detect Subclinical Cardiac Dysfunction in Patients With Wilson Disease

The study highlights the clinical utility of MyoStrain as a powerful tool that may help clinicians detect subclinical cardiac dysfunction irrespective of disease

July 12, 2021
Company News

MORRISVILLE, N.C., July 12, 2021 – A recent study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance featured Myocardial Solutions’ technology MyoStrain, where MyoStrain was used to examine myocardial tissue function in Wilson Disease (WD) patients. WD, a storage disease that results in an accumulation of copper in the body, has been identified in the past as primarily impacting the brain and the liver; now, researchers have found that the disease’s impact may also extend to the heart. The article ultimately demonstrates MyoStrain’s promising clinical utility as a sensitive tool to detect early heart dysfunction over traditional testing methods, irrespective of disease type.[1]

MyoStrain was used to analyze single-shot sequences in patients, measuring the strength of contraction within the heart wall. Reduced left ventricular function was measured with MyoStrain in WD patients, and particularly in the subgroup with neurological symptoms. This subgroup was also found to suffer more frequently from symptomatic heart failure, which may develop as the disease progresses.[1]

This study highlights the increased clinical interest in efficient cardiac magnetic resonance exams based on MyoStrain since traditional technologies and metrics, including ejection fraction, “may not be sensitive enough to detect subtle changes of myocardial function.” MyoStrain has demonstrated through this study, as well as evidence from several other published articles, the ability to detect subclinical cardiac dysfunction, including those diseases directly or indirectly affecting heart health. While WD is not generally linked to cardiac dysfunction or risk of adverse cardiac events, MyoStrain was able to detect a potential association between the disease and patient heart health.[1]  

Nael Osman, PhD, creator of MyoStrain, chief scientific officer and founder of Myocardial Solutions, stated: “This is another example of MyoStrain continuing to detect the effects of disease on cardiac function, which may enable physicians to protect and prevent adverse cardiac effects.”

Access to the publication is available here.  

[1] Salatzki, J., Mohr, I., Heins, J. et al. The impact of Wilson disease on myocardial tissue and function: a cardiovascular magnetic resonance study. J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 23, 84 (2021).

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