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MyoStrain® Detects Deterioration in Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life During Chemotherapy and Improvement During Cardioprotection

January 21, 2022
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MORRISVILLE, N.C., January 20, 2022 – A new study featuring Myocardial Solutions’ software, MyoStrain, was published as a part of the PREFECT research project. The purpose of this study was to determine how to improve personalized treatment for patients undergoing cancer therapy. Patient quality of life and cardiac status were both tracked over the course of this study, finding MyoStrain as a useful tool to identify deteriorating patient quality of life and help physicians optimize cardioprotection therapies.[1]

Using various cardiac imaging techniques, patients were assessed at baseline, 3 months, 6 months, and 1-year intervals. Quality of life(QoL) was determined via questionnaire-based tool, and patients were given a QoL indicator score. QoL is a matter of immense importance when it comes to treating cancer patients; cancer therapies can cause cardiotoxicity, which can weaken the heart and often leads to cardiac events or disease progression.[1]

Cardioprotective therapy involves monitoring the heart during cancer treatment and providing additional care to combat cardiotoxicity. This study assessed changes in quality of life during cardiotoxic responses to cancer treatment and optimized cardioprotective therapy.[1]

MyoStrain’s software provides physicians and patients with the MyoHealth score, which reflects how well the heart is functioning. MyoHealth was the only measurement throughout the study that accurately reflected QoL changes. Moreover, MyoHealth was capable of highlighting patients with reduced QoL who required more frequent or optimal cardioprotective management.[1]

MyoStrain was found to be a useful tool that enabled physicians to identify patients whose heart health is deteriorating due to cancer therapy, offering the visibility to help physicians improve care and management.[1]

“MyoHealth offers the ability to detect early cardiotoxic responses including changes in quality of life while enabling proactive and tailored cardioprotection strategies that are key to individualized patient care.” commented Dr. Nael Osman, Chief Scientific Officer, Myocardial Solutions, Inc.


Access to the publication is available here.

[1] Geršak, B., Kukec, A., Steen, H., Montenbruck, M., Šoštarič, M., Schwarz, A., Esch, S., Kelle, S., Giusca, S., Korosoglou, G., Wülfing, P., Dent, S. & Lenihan, D.(2021). Relationship between quality of life indicators and cardiac status indicators in chemotherapy patients. Slovenian Journal of Public Health, 60(4) 199-209.

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