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MyoStrain® Aids Diagnostic Classification of Cardiac Amyloidosis, Rare Disease in Which Early Treatment Could Improve Patient Outcomes

November 23, 2021
Company News

MORRISVILLE, N.C., November 23, 2021 – Myocardial Solutions’ software, MyoStrain, was featured in a new Vascular Health and Risk Management publication evaluating the use of cardiac imaging techniques in the diagnostic work-up for patients with suspected cardiac amyloidosis. Cardiac amyloidosis is a serious, progressive disease that often goes undetected and untreated due to its variable clinical manifestations.[1]

The review assessed the use of MyoStrain along with traditional imaging techniques of echocardiography, cardiac magnetic resonance, bone scintigraphy, and organ biopsy, in their diagnostic ability to identify cardiac amyloidosis. This disease often presents similarly to other cardiac conditions, and in these cases, it takes a unique visibility to identify before it has the chance to progress.[1]

MyoStrain was able to identify cardiac amyloidosis patients, offering a comprehensive evaluation in just a single examination. The ability to diagnose early is crucial to improving cardiac amyloidosis patient outcomes, as it allows patients to seek effective treatment and avoid cardiac events or death.[1]

MyoStrain’s ability to detect subclinical dysfunction sets it apart from other imaging techniques, allowing physicians to differentiate between disease types and disease states. "Once again, MyoStrain has proven its ability to find dysfunction early which, in some cases, enables physicians to identify certain diseases by unique characteristics, but more importantly, the test enables physicians to initiate early intervention.”.commented Jimmy Whayne, Chief Clinical Officer of MSI. “The ability for physicians to initiate proactive and preventive approaches extends to almost any cardiac condition. This technology has the potential to not only change but to become the standard of care in treatment guidelines across disease types.”  

Access to the publication is available here.  

[1] Korosoglou G, Giusca S, André F, aus dem Siepen F, Nunninger P, Kristen AV, Frey N. Diagnostic Work-Up of Cardiac Amyloidosis Using Cardiovascular Imaging: Current Standards and Practical Algorithms. Vasc Health Risk Manag. 2021;17:661-673  

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