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MyoStrain® and MyoStress™ Presented in Three New Abstracts at SCMR 2021

  • MyoStrain may provide a sensitive tool to help physicians detect early cardiotoxicity in cancer patients
  • MyoStrain quantifies the cardiac effects of COVID-19 in recovered athletes
  • MyoStress provides rapid and accurate stress test to help assess patient heart health
February 21, 2021
Company News

MORRISVILLE, N.C., February 21, 2021 – Myocardial Solutions, Inc. (“MSI”) attended the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance’s (“SCMR”) 24th Annual Scientific Sessions, held virtually February 18-20, 2021. This year, SCMR main topics focused on new and traditional use cases of CMR, as well as exploring the use of CMR for assessing the cardiac effects of COVID-19 on patients. MSI’s flagship technology, MyoStrain®, was featured in three abstract posters highlighting its ability to help physicians detect early cardiotoxicity in cancer patients, quantify asymptomatic heart dysfunction in recovered COVID-19 athletes and provide rapid CMR-based adenosine stress testing for acute cardiac patients. 

MSI’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rafael Rivero, MD presented MyoStrain during Philips Healthcare’s user meeting and feature symposium. The presentation, titled “Transforming the Cancer & Cardiac Care Continuum. Early & Accurate Identification of Patients at Risk of Heart Failure,” the presentation discussed newly published clinical findings on MyoStrain, including pivotal data from the EMPATHY study and MyoStrain’s progressive dysfunction curve published in JACC Cardiovascular Imaging last month.  

Dr. Rivero states: “Over the past month, MyoStrain has played a key role in demonstrating the potential impact early detection and risk assessment may have on enabling better care for patients. Having been published in two peer-reviewed articles of two of the most prominent cardiology journals, the data validates MyoStrain’s immense clinical value as an informatic tool to help physicians guide early risk assessment and initiate individualized management for cardiac prevention.”


A list of the abstracts presented is provided below:

Abstract Cuomo, J et al. Fast strain-encoded cardiac magnetic resonance detects immune checkpoint inhibitor associated cardiotoxicity. Abstract at SCMR 2021.

Abstract: Lee, M et al. Evidence of Occult Myocardial Abnormalities Including Myocardial Strain in the Absence of Myocarditis in Asymptomatic Young Athletes after COVID-19 Infection. Abstract at SCMR 2021.

Abstract: Steen, H et al. Fast-Strain Encoded during Adenosine Stress Cardiac Magnetic Resonance for the Assessment of Cardiac Outcomes. Comparison to Contrast-Enhanced Perfusion Testing. Abstract at SCMR2021.

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Myocardial Solutions, Inc. (MSI) is a medical technology company working to transform the cardiac and cancer care continuum. Leveraging more than 400 publications in clinical research and development, MSI’s proprietary technology, MyoStrain®, is a 10-minute, non-invasive MRI heart function test providing physicians with sensitive diagnostic markers to support the early assessment and individualized treatment of heart dysfunction. MyoStrain has received FDA-510(k) pre-market clearance, CE-mark certification, and is commercially available in the United States and Europe.

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