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Global Cardio-Oncology Summit 2018 Showcases MyoStrain in Feature Symposium

October 3, 2018
Company News

Tampa, F.L., October 3, 2018 – Myocardial Solutions’ patented cardiac diagnostic technology, MyoStrain®, was featured prominently at the Global Cardio-Oncology Summit 2018 in Tampa, Florida on September 27-28. At a symposium titled “Detecting and Managing Cardiotoxicity During Chemotherapy”, Dr. Henning Steen (Marien Hospital; Hamburg, Germany) and Dr. Daniel Lenihan (Washington University Hospital; St. Louis, MO) discussed MyoStrain’s capabilities as a tool to help physicians detect cardiotoxicity and protect cancer patients’ heart health throughout their cancer treatments.

Dr. Steen detailed his clinical study on managing cardiotoxicity during chemotherapy and presented the “10 Good Reasons to Use MyoStrain”, stating that it offers “good reproducibility, excellent applicability, segmental circumferential data that is not captured by echocardiograms, very fast, simple CMR protocols, you can do four patients per hour, very sensitive to myocardial deformation and changes, no contrast agents, arrhythmia independent and vendor independent.”

The symposium included the following panelists: Dr. William Hundley (VCU Health; Richmond, VA), Dr. Susan Dent (Duke University Hospital; Durham, NC) and Dr. Lauren Baldassarre (Yale New Haven Hospital; New Haven, CT).

Other selected quotes from the presentation and panel discussion regarding MyoStrain are included below.

MyoStrain’s Capabilities

“MyoStrain has the potential to overcome the barriers of cardiac MRI availability and complexity” – Dr. Lauren Baldassarre

“MyoStrain can divide patients into healthy patients, at-risk patients, pre-heart failure and heart failure patients based on the percentage of normal myocardium segments” – Dr. Henning Steen

“MyoStrain provides a way to follow chemotherapy patients, identifying those that are beginning to develop toxicity and…give them medication that will hopefully improve their cardiac reserve and you see a responsive change on the MRI measurements” – Dr. Daniel Lenihan

“Keep in mind that things are multifactorial…some of the excitement [is] that the 15-minute protocol includes MyoStrain plus volumes, ejection fraction and tissue characterizations (T1/T2 Mapping)” – Dr. William Hundley

“As an oncologist, this is really exciting” – Dr. Susan Dent


“Door to door, from when the patient enters the facility to when he/she leaves, it takes 22 minutes.  So with less than 15 minutes of scan time, you can do four patients per hour” – Dr. Henning Steen

“This exam is short…the protocol durations are dramatically shrinking” – Dr. William Hundley


“We all know clinically that ejection fraction measurements are not good enough in terms of [patient] protection from cardiotoxicity” – Dr. Daniel Lenihan

“MyoStrain [detects] the reduction of circumferential and longitudinal strain when feature tracking does not” – Dr. Henning Steen

“We’re really enthusiastic that MyoStrain will allow us a much more sensitive and reproducible method for monitoring for early toxicity” – Dr. Daniel Lenihan

“The only way that this patient’s cardiotoxicity was detected was [with] regional strain metrics utilizing MyoStrain” – Dr. Daniel Lenihan

“It is very important to measure the subtle changes in myocardial function” – Dr. Henning Steen


“We recently installed MyoStrain at our institution and it’s pretty easy for the technologists to use” – Dr. Lauren Baldassarre

“This could be put in community programs and be done pretty easily by MRI technologists” – Dr. Lauren Baldassarre

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