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Further Published Evidence of MyoStress’ Quantitative Diagnosis and Risk Stratification of Ischemic Coronary Artery Disease

December 1, 2021
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MORRISVILLE, N.C., December 1, 2021 – A recent study evaluated the value of MyoStress, Myocardial Solutions’ proprietary software, during stress testing in patients with known or suspected coronary artery disease (CAD). MyoStress was compared to the gold-standard cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) stress test using adenosine, the most commonly used stress agent. The goal was to demonstrate that MyoStrain was non-inferior to CMR stress testing; MyoStress met this goal, proving its non-inferiority with comparable ability to diagnose and risk stratify CAD patients. This is a significant achievement for MyoStress because the test enjoys advantages in speed, ease and reproducibility.[1]

Perfusion CMR is well-established as the gold standard diagnostic technique for identifying CAD patients but requires injection of contrast material. Contrast aids the reader in identifying visual defects in perfusion related to ischemic CAD, but analysis is dependent on the experience of the reader. MyoStress does not rely on a reader but provides a quantitative comparison of myocardial strain (MyoStrain) before and during adenosine stress induction to offer a consistent and reproducible interpretation of ischemic CAD.[1]

The quantitative analysis during MyoStress testing demonstrated excellent accuracy for the detection of ischemic CAD, helped predict cardiac outcomes for patients with suspected or known CAD, and risk stratified patients with perfusion defects or impairment during stress.[1]

In addition to the established reproducibility and accuracy, a MyoStress test can be performed with greater ease, and in a shorter amount of time compared to traditional perfusion CMR. Because MyoStress also avoids the need for the injection of contrast agents, testing can be performed on patients pre-disposed to contrast-related reactions or allergies, a common inhibiting factor for CMR stress testing.[1]

“This study was important to demonstrate new, more timely alternatives in stress testing that can provide comparable results to the gold standard,” said Dr. Henning Steen, the author and lead investigator of the study. “The opportunity is for a rapid stress test, offering physicians the ability to evaluate and triage chest pain patients efficiently, with the potential to help improve costs, patient experience and care.”

Access to the publication is available here.

[1] Steen, H., Montenbruck, M. et al. Fast-strain Encoded Cardiac Magnetic Resonance During Vasodilator Perfusion Stress Testing. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine. 8, 1515 (2021).

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