New Publication Evaluates the Effects of Experience & Training on MyoStrain Reproducibility

By Myocardial Solutions


August 21, 2019

MORRISVILLE, N.C., August 21, 2019 – A new article on MyoStrain® has been published in Nature Research’s recent Scientific Reports issue. Based upon an ongoing study conducted at German Heart Center Berlin (Charité University Medical Center Berlin), the article evaluates MyoStrain’s consistency in the acquisition of left ventricular heart function metrics at different levels of observer experience and training. The article was submitted by senior author Sebastian Kelle, MD, PhD of German Heart Center Berlin.

Designed to determine whether comprehensive training and experience significantly impacts reproducibility, the study compared MyoStrain results produced from four different observer types: CMR beginners, CMR experts, ECHO experts, and non-cardiac technicians without any prior experience in data post-processing.

Following their MyoStrain training protocol, each observer was assigned to acquire left ventricular volumetric and functional parameters of a sample patient group. Patients were scanned using real-time, free breathing fast-SENC on a 1.5T Philips Achieva MRI scanner.

Results showed that across all four experience levels, MyoStrain was found to yield a high reproducibility irrespective to differences in expertise from each observer group. Each scan took an average of 15 seconds with fast-SENC and 3-5 minutes during MyoStrain's post-processing analysis. All patients successfully completed the study protocol.

Link to the article is provided below:

Title: Effect of comprehensive initial training on the variability of left ventricular measures using fast-SENC cardiac magnetic resonance imaging

Citation: Lapinskas, T et al. Effect of comprehensive initial training on the variability of left ventricular measures using fast-SENC cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. 2019; 9(1).

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