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New ESC Webinar Highlights MyoStrain® Cardio-Oncology Solution for the Early Detection & Management of Cancer Patient Cardiotoxicity

April 25, 2020
Company News

MORRISVILLE, N.C., April 2020 – MyoStrain® was featured in the European Society of Cardiology’s (ESC) cardio-oncology webinar series to examine the role of MyoStrain in helping cardio-oncologists manage cardiac health for patients undergoing cancer therapy.

As part of an educational grant sponsored by Myocardial Solutions, Inc., an estimated 600 participants attended the event. Titled “How cardiovascular magnetic resonance may help cancer patients,” the hour-long webinar session aimed to educate and inform physicians of MyoStrain’s unique clinical utility, exploring the technology’s transformative applications throughout the cancer treatment process.

Among the topics presented, the ESC partnered with Dr. Daniel Lenihan, FESC, Professor of Medicine and Director at Washington University’s Cardio-Oncology Center of Excellence to help explain how MRI-based segmental MyoStrain® was used to help physicians identify and manage heart conditions in cancer patients.

As Principal Investigator for the PROACT study (NCT03862131), a prospective, multi-center, open label, and randomized study comparing MyoStrain to the current standard of care in cardio-oncology, Dr. Lenihan introduced several cases from both the PROACT and PREFECT studies (NCT03543228) in his presentation.

Based on case study results, Dr. Lenihan’s findings demonstrated MyoStrain’s ability to both predict and detect subclinical cardiac dysfunction from cardiotoxicity while informing on cardio-protection strategies over time, and without interfering with the cancer treatment process.

Dr. Lenihan goes on to say: “It’s one thing to detect the problem; it’s another to manage it better. So, that’s the real frontier that we want to tackle. We don’t just want to identify a problem; you want to manage it better so that these patients can still get the best cancer therapy that they may be eligible for, [and] at the same time, protect their heart over the course of this treatment.” 

The second half of the webinar presentation was presented by Associate Professor Valentina Püntmann from the University of Frankfurt, who introduced a case study highlighting MyoStrain’s role in supporting the diagnosis and management of cardiac dysfunction in cancer patients. In this presentation, Assoc.Prof. Püntmann cites MyoStrain’s ability to provide accurate, reproducible and sensitive measures of patient heart function, and later goes on to highlight MyoStrain’s speed and efficiency as part of baseline and subsequent follow-up CMR protocol.

Describing the usage of MyoStrain in cardio-oncology practice, Assoc. Prof. Püntmann states: “Prior to cancer-related treatment, Cardiac MRI is helping us in recognizing pre-existing conditions, risk assessment of patients, and also guiding prevention of patients at risk of heart failure during or post-CR-treatment.  For this we need standardized, accurate and validated tools, allowing us to detect small differences on the individual basis. Myostrain is an excellent candidate to deliver this."

The webinar successfully demonstrated how MyoStrain’s potential impact in shifting the cardio-cardiology paradigm, providing attendees with a deeper look at the technology as a holistic and prevention-focused approach to patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Peter Gaccione, President at Myocardial Solutions stated: “We have seen how different cancer treatment modalities impact the heart and lead to cardiotoxicity for patients undergoing cancer care. MyoStrain provides a proactive clinical window of opportunity that may enable physicians to detect these effects early and monitor them during the length of treatment and follow-up exams.”  

Peter Gaccione adds: “MyoStrain is a software clinical tool that enables physicians to detect and manage these patients using individualized cardio-protective interventions to improve longevity and quality of life throughout their cancer care treatment continuum.”

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