Clinical Presentations

VCOS 2020 Satellite Symposium: Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in Cardio-Oncology: The Role of Myocardial Strain (Takeaways)

October 1, 2020
Virtual Cardio-Oncology Summit 2020
Presented by
Alexander Lyon, MD, PhD
Clinical Lead in Cardio-Oncology, Royal Brompton Hospital Imperial College London
President, British Cardio-Oncology Society
Cardio-Oncology Council Chair-elect, European Society of Cardiology

MyoStrain® plays a critical role in clinical decision-making during the cancer process, particularly in patients at risk of heart failure. Presented at the Virtual Cardio-Oncology Summit on October 1st, 2020, leading cardio-oncology experts discuss how MyoStrain may help to stratify cardiotoxicity risk, optimize cardiovascular therapy, prevent and manage cardiotoxicity, and guide long-term survivors’ follow-up.

Sponsored by Myocardial Solutions, Inc., the Satellite Symposium program addresses the medical community's most frequently asked questions surrounding the use of MyoStrain® for protecting cancer patient heart health, providing practical, case-based examples to demonstrate the potential of MyoStrain® to significantly improve transform cardio-oncology care.

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