Our Strategic Partnerships

MyoStrain® is a critical solution to help fulfill the unmet clinical needs of physicians and healthcare providers across the cardio-cancer care continuum. Together with our strategic partners, we are pursuing a new standard of care based on novel cardiac testing to help enable early detection and shift the focus of cardiology towards prevention and individualized management.

United Imaging Healthcare Solutions

United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, has partnered with Myocardial Solutions Inc. to bring rapid cardiac MR imaging to unmet cancer care and cardiology markets, helping enable physicians to protect and manage patient heart health during and after cancer treatment. 

United Imaging is the preferred provider for MyoStrain®, and the two companies have joined together to deliver this dedicated solution to cancer centers and hospitals. The FDA’s 510(k) pre-market clearance of MyoStrain for United Imaging MRI machines marks the availability of this novel, proprietary technology in the U.S. market.

Learn more about the uMR® 570 MyoStrain® Edition

united imaging logoumr 570 united imaging
Abram Voorhees, Vice President of MR at United Imaging Healthcare Solutions

“With this joint solution from Myocardial Solutions and United Imaging, oncologists and cardiologists will be able to monitor patient heart health before, during, and after cancer treatment. Together, United Imaging and Myocardial Solutions will deliver the diagnostic testing using MyoStrain software on a dedicated MR scanner for both cancer centers and cardiologists. The fast, MR based technique is highly automated to deliver reproducible results.”

Abram Voorhees, Ph.D.
Vice President of MR at United Imaging

Working Together to Transform Cardiac and Cancer Care

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