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Take Control of Your Heart Health

Heart failure is a common and fatal condition that is often detected too late. MyoStrain provides a fast, safe, and affordable way to help you and your doctor detect heart dysfunction before symptoms occur. MyoStrain measures the cardiac effects of cancer treatment, chronic diseases, and ischemia and allows physicians to monitor changes in follow-up exams.

How Can MyoStrain Help?

MyoStrain is a non-invasive heart function test that helps doctors monitor dysfunctional areas of the heart in under 10 minutes. Using MyoStrain helps doctors manage your heart during therapy.

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How Does MyoStrain Work?

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Order Your Exam

Your doctor will order a rapid, six-heartbeat MRI scan without the need for radiation, contrast, or breath-hold to identify areas where dysfunction may be occurring.

Get Your Results

In under 10 minutes, MyoStrain generates a personalized report detailing your heart function across 48 segments. The report is immediately sent to your doctor.

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Know Your MyoHealth Score

From your results, MyoStrain provides one number, your percentage of normal myocardium. This is your MyoHealth Score.

Monitoring & Managing Patient Heart Health

Using your MyoHealth Score, your doctor can measure the effects of treatment and monitor your heart health over time. In this example, MyoStrain demonstrates the effectiveness of cardio-protection on a cancer patient throughout their cancer treatment.

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Don't Wait For Symptoms

40% of adult Americans develop cardiovascular disease during their lifetime. Take control of your heart health and ask your doctor about MyoStrain.