Myocardial Solutions Includes New Diagnostic Tests with MyoStrain v4.2

A Rapid 10 Minute MRI Test For Comprehensive Cardiac Function Assessment & Preventive Care

MORRISVILLE, NC – September 14, 2017 – Myocardial Solutions has validated its latest software version, MyoStrain v4.2, with expanded capability to capture Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR) images to perform multiple cardiac function diagnostic tests within ten minutes. MyoStrain v4.2 combines MyoStrain’s rapid and accurate regional and global strain metrics performed on previous MyoStrain versions with the traditional heart health metrics that physicians typically derive from time-consuming echocardiography or MRI CINE imaging. The advantage of MyoStrain v4.2 is speed, ease and accuracy. With MyoStrain v4.2, MRI imaging centers can generate a quantified MyoStrain report along with the other cardiac function tests including left ventricular ejection fraction, mass, and volume measurements.

MyoStrain strain metrics are especially valuable in detecting the cardiac effects of disease, drug toxicity and ischemia before patient symptoms occur. The opportunity is to detect and initiate early treatment intervention to prevent adverse events. MyoStrain uniquely represents a cardiac assessment tool to segment asymptomatic patients into those with healthy, at risk or damaged hearts. The addition of traditional measures of heart function to MyoStrain in Version 4.2 provides physicians a rapid, comprehensive solution for heart function assessment. “MyoStrain v4.2 has the capability to transform the focus of cardiac care from treating damaged hearts to preventing cardiac injury. MyoStrain can detect function weakness long before patient symptoms and cardiac damage has occurred. MyoStrain v4.2 offers physicians traditional function metrics along with new strain capabilities to detect early effects of diseases that can lead to heart failure.,” said John Funkhouser, President and CEO of Myocardial Solutions. “By offering all cardiac function tests, MyoStrain has the potential to transform CMR into an efficient, cost effective modality for front-line community hospital adoption.” MyoStrain v4.2 is currently being used for clinical research in the United States and Europe and has CE mark. The Company anticipates commercial release in 2018 pending FDA clearance.

About Myocardial Solutions, Inc.

Myocardial Solutions, Inc. is a software company developing cardiac diagnostics to leverage MR imaging and empower physicians to take preventive, proactive, and individualized approaches to heart health. Myocardial Solution’s rapid and accurate diagnostic testing application, MyoStrain™, measures the effects of disease, drugs, and ischemia on the heart before symptoms occur, making proactive cardiac care possible. MyoStrain’s objective is to become a new preventative global heart function test to detect and manage patients at risk of heart failure or coronary artery disease. For more information on Myocardial Solutions visit

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