Myocardial Solutions, Inc. (MSI) Releases New Website

Illustrating MSI’s future direction with MyoStrain™

MORRISVILLE, NC – October 10, 2017 – Myocardial Solutions, Inc. (MSI) has released a new version of its website at The new website illustrates the potential implications of Myocardial Solution’s diagnostic test MyoStrain™ and will serve as an educational reference for patients, physicians, researchers, and imaging facilities interested in understanding the impact of making consistent, quantitative and objective myocardial strain metrics available for clinical care. The website shows the potential of MyoStrain in addressing three unmet clinical needs: heart failure detection, heart failure monitoring, and cardiac stress testing for coronary artery disease. The website also serves as a reference for individuals interested in learning more about myocardial strain’s value in cardiac care, offering a library of links to strain research.

Myocardial Solutions’ MyoStrain is a rapid, easy-to-use, accurate and non-invasive test that requires less than ten minutes of patient procedural time (just three minutes of MRI time). The test represents the opportunity to potentially detect and initiate early treatment intervention to prevent adverse events. MyoStrain is a unique cardiac assessment tool to segment asymptomatic patients into those with healthy, at-risk or damaged hearts. MyoStrain could transform cardiology by allowing for more personalized and preventative approaches with the test’s ability to measure subtle subclinical changes in heart function. MyoStrain is a translational technology, making a gold standard research tool available for widespread clinical use. Its core technology has been validated in over 250 published articles and used in over 70 research centers worldwide. It is the Company’s mission to transform cardiac care with diagnostics that allow for more effective, efficient, and proactive care.


About Myocardial Solutions, Inc.

Myocardial Solutions, Inc. is a software company developing cardiac diagnostics to leverage MR imaging and empower physicians to take preventive, proactive, and individualized approaches to heart health. Myocardial Solution’s rapid and accurate diagnostic testing application, MyoStrain™, measures the effects of disease, drugs, and ischemia on the heart before symptoms occur, making proactive cardiac care possible. MyoStrain’s objective is to become a new preventative global heart function test to detect and manage patients at risk of heart failure or coronary artery disease. At present, MyoStrain has CE Mark but is not FDA cleared and is being used as a research tool. For more information on Myocardial Solutions visit

Source: Myocardial Solutions, Inc.