Myocardial Solutions Develops Calibration Tool, Dynamic Phantom

Demonstrating Consistency of MyoStrain™ Results Across Sites and MRI Manufacturers

MORRISVILLE, NC – October 24, 2017 – Myocardial Solutions Inc. (MSI) has developed a calibration tool that allows the Company to demonstrate the consistency of its innovative cardiac MRI diagnostic software, MyoStrain. The mechanical calibration tool, called “Dynamic Phantom,” is unique in that it mimics the contraction of the heart muscle by compressing a silicone gel, much like heart tissue compresses during a heartbeat. The phantom is placed in a MRI scanner and the MyoStrain software is used to measure the consistent strain in the silicone gel produced by the mechanical phantom device. By utilizing this method, MSI is able to confirm the consistency of accuracy of its MyoStrain software results against the known mechanical strain results across scanners, regardless of manufacturer, user, and location. This provides physicians and technicians with confidence in MyoStrain’s accuracy and narrow margin of error. It also is a unique competitive advantage over other strain competitors, none of which can measure the strain produced by the Dynamic Phantom.

MyoStrain is a rapid, contrast-free diagnostic test that can be used to measure the effects of disease, drugs, and ischemia on heart function. The test provides a comprehensive report, including myocardial strain metrics across 37 regions of the heart as well as all other traditional cardiac function metrics, such as left ventricular ejection fraction, mass, and volume. The test is revolutionary in its ability to assist physicians by rapidly generating a cardiac heart health assessment in under ten minutes of exam time and helping them to detect heart dysfunction in asymptomatic patients.

MyoStrain’s ability to provide consistent results with a narrow margin of error across scanners, software, users, and locations is unique in cardiac function testing. MyoStrain’s accuracy gives physicians confidence in the data they are using for diagnostic and treatment decisions. Also, the consistent results make MyoStrain particularly useful in clinical research studies across multiple sites, as MyoStrain results can be pooled across all sites, regardless of MRI manufacturer, user, or location. MSI’s vision for MyoStrain to become the standard of care in cardiac health assessment is taking shape as the test continues to differentiate itself through accuracy, speed, and reliability.

About Myocardial Solutions, Inc.

Myocardial Solutions, Inc. is a software company developing cardiac diagnostics to leverage MR imaging and empower physicians to take preventive, proactive, and individualized approaches to heart health. Myocardial Solution’s rapid and accurate diagnostic testing application, MyoStrain™, quantifies the effects of disease, drugs, and ischemia on the heart before symptoms occur, making proactive cardiac care possible. MyoStrain’s objective is to become a new preventative global heart function test to detect and manage patients at risk of heart failure or coronary artery disease. At present, MyoStrain has CE Mark but is not FDA cleared and is being used as a research tool. For more information on Myocardial Solutions visit

Source: Myocardial Solutions, Inc.