Myocardial Solutions’ Abstracts Accepted for Publication at Society Of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (‘SCMR’)

MORRISVILLE, NC – December 7, 2017 – A series of five studies confirming and demonstrating the clinical value of Myocardial Solutions’ MyoStrain have been accepted by SCMR for display at its annual conference. These studies should lead to peer-reviewed articles utilizing MyoStrain’s technology that continue to demonstrate the practicality and value of MyoStrain in the clinical setting. MyoStrain translates gold standard cardiac research technology into clinical preventive and individualized patient care. While MyoStrain’s core technology is well-validated, these ongoing studies demonstrating rapid and accurate MyoStrain testing help address physicians’ historical concerns and objections to CMR imaging that prevented traditional CMR from gaining broader clinical adoption.

The abstracts will discuss MyoStrain’s ability to provide comprehensive cardiac strain metrics with traditional cardiac functional measurements and show that the test delivers results in a highly efficient, fast, and repeatable manner. The test has proven to be very robust. The abstracts represent studies from the University of Chicago, Ohio State University, the Berlin Heart Institute, and the University of Bonn. The accepted studies are titled:

  • “Should Left Ventricular Global Longitudinal Strain Replace Ejection fraction as the Preferred Measurement to Quantify Left Ventricular Systolic Function?”
  • “Real-Time Assessment of Myocardial Deformation: The Intra- and Inter-Observer Agreement of LV Strain Using Strain-Encoded CMR Imaging
  • “Strain Encoding (SENC) Using EPI”
  • “Reproducibility of Regional and Global Longitudinal Strain Measurements Made Using Single Beat Strain-Encoded CMR”
  • “Quantitative Assessment of Left Ventricular Volumes and Function Using Real-Time Strain-Encoded CMR Imaging: Method Agreement Analysis”

MyoStrain’s capabilities can change the practice of cardiology from a reactive approach to a preventative, individualized approach. This represents a unique opportunity to generate improved cardiac patient outcomes, while creating enormous savings to the health system. The MyoStrain studies accepted for the SCMR conference demonstrate the features that make MyoStrain capable of realizing a paradigm change in cardiac care. As a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use diagnostic tool that provides new clinically-actionable information, MyoStrain is critical to the future of cardiology.

About Myocardial Solutions, Inc.

Myocardial Solutions, Inc. is a software company developing cardiac diagnostics to leverage MR imaging and empower physicians to take preventive, proactive, and individualized approaches to heart health. Myocardial Solution’s rapid and accurate diagnostic testing application, MyoStrain™, quantifies the effects of disease, drugs, and ischemia on the heart before symptoms occur, making proactive cardiac care possible. MyoStrain’s objective is to become a new preventative global heart function test to detect and manage patients at risk of heart failure or coronary artery disease. At present, MyoStrain has CE Mark but is not FDA cleared and is being used as a research tool. For more information on Myocardial Solutions visit