MyoStrain Enables Early Detection of Heart Failure

Empowering Physicians with a Proactive Approach

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Why are over 400,000 Americans diagnosed annually with heart failure only after they're hospitalized?

They are asymptomatic, and because their ejection fractions are normal, they go undiagnosed

Reference: [0102]

Strain Identifies Heart Failure Early

Strain often detects heart dysfunction before ejection fraction declines

Strain Identifies Heart Failure Early - Graph

Conceptualization based on studies comparing strain and ejection fraction as measures of heart function: [03, 13-16]

Heart Failure in the United States

People at Risk
0 Million

Reference [04]

Annual Hospitalizations
0 Million

Reference [05]

Lifetime Risk
0 %

Reference [06]

Measures of strain are better markers of heart dysfunction than ejection fraction

Reference: [07]

How MyoStrain Works

10 Minute Exam, 6 Heartbeat Scan,
37 Region Analysis, 1 Quantitative Diagnostic Report


2 Minutes

Technician positions patient in MRI.


5 Minutes

No patient breath-hold, contrast agent, or exposure to radiation required.


3 Minutes

Full report with global and regional strain metrics is generated and sent to the referring physician.

Early Detection Enables Proactive Intervention
to Potentially Improve Outcomes

Asymptomatic patient populations at risk of heart failure

MyoStrain Segments Patients to Help Detect Heart Failure

Scale Reference: [08, 09, 10]

MyoStrain Detects Heart Dysfunction
Before Symptoms Occur

Identifying potential problem areas for proactive treatment

Reference: [17]

Healthy MyoStrain Report
Healthy Heart MyoStrain Report - Heart Failure Detection
  1. Global Strain:
    MyoStrain provides a global measure of heart strain, indicating heart  function as a whole.
  1. Traditional Measures:
    MyoStrain provides traditional heart function metrics including ejection fraction, mass, and volume.
  1. Metrics / Scale:
    MyoStrain provides regional measures of heart strain to evaluate 37 areas of the left ventricle’s function.
  1. Diagrams:
    Strain results are plotted onto diagrams for easy interpretation.
At-Risk MyoStrain Report
MyoStrain At-Risk Heart Report
  1. Reduced Global Strain: 
    MyoStrain global strain measurements can identify patients with heart dysfunction, even though they may not experience any symptoms. Reference: [17]
  1. Traditional Measures: 
    MyoStrain helps detects heart dysfunction before traditional measures indicate a problem.
  1. Lower / Reduced Metrics: 
    Regional strain metrics detail areas of weak heart function to help physicians diagnose disease and make treatment decisions.
  1. Change in Diagrams: 
    Diagrams allow visualization of strain data for easy interpretation.

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We work with Medical Research Centers, MRI Manufacturers, Outpatient Imaging Centers and Physicians

Myocardial Solutions' technology has been used globally in over 70 major medical research centers and is established as the gold standard for strain measurement. The research has yielded over 250 articles in peer-reviewed journals (50 articles from Circulation and JACC alone) that validate CMR strain testing. MyoStrain’s predecessor software (HARP & VIRTUE) have 510(k) clearance and CE Mark certification.
MyoStrain has CE mark certification, and Myocardial Solutions is actively pursuing FDA 510(k) clearance for MyoStrain.